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Tracy's Fleabane
Photo: Chick Keller

Tracy's Fleabane

(Erigeron tracyi)

Family: Asteraceae (Daisies)

Blooms nearly year-round. Has runners during summer and fall. Similar in overall appearance to Spreading Fleabane but has runner similar to Whiplash Daisy.

From 2/1 to 12/1

Color: white

Habitat: pinyon-juniper
foothills, open areas, and woods

Common; native

Photo: Chick Keller


(Erodium cicutarium)

Family: Geraniacea (Geraniums)

A small, low-growing annual. Blooms nearly all year round, including any mild weather in the winter. It was introduced into California from the Mediterranean Basin in the eighteenth century. Some consider it a weed. It is also know as Redstem Filaree, Stork's Bill, and Pinweed.

From 1/2 to 12/30

Color: purple

Habitat: disturbed soil
desert scrub, grasslands, oak woodlands, semi-desert grassland, lawns, gardens; more common at lower elevations but can be found up to 7500' (2250 m)

Common; introduced


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